Financial Advisors Guide to Estate Settlements

Guide to Estate Settlements
October 27, 2021

Let’s face it, a client of yours will pass at some time in your career. While statistics say that you will most likely lose all to a portion of those assets, understanding estate settlements will certainly help when the moment arises, and the family is left figuring out how to transfer wealth.  Being able to assist, if not control the settlement process will help you retain assets but potentially capture other assets for those who are looking for guidance.

Estate settlements can sound overwhelming and something that should be left to a seasoned estate planning attorney. However, when you break it down, advisors can easily and effectively offer estate settlements just like attorneys.  Using an attorney when legal work is needed is advised but the transfer of assets is something that advisors do all the time.  Estate settlements can be a similar process and one that can easily be done by financial advisors.

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