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Modules and tools for all your needs

Whatever your business needs, Yourefolio provides options to help with simple yet effective tools, modules and intangibles that provide distinct benefits for your practice.


The first of its kind “stress test” provides prospects and clients with an understanding of their estate plan and what stress they or their families would incur should something happen to them at this moment. Real life scenarios put into context their understanding of the current estate plan, what concerns or deficiencies they may encounter.


Intuitive questions that lead to open and honest discussions recorded directly into the platform, which helps you establish items that need to be addressed and a plan of attack.


Connect with those inheriting the wealth in a less intrusive way with our gamification module. This tool is a first of its kind by allowing the beneficiaries to provide valuable information for the estate plan. Information such as what tangible assets they would like to inherit to what estate responsibilities they wish to partake in. Best of all, it’s mobile friendly.


Estate planning is more than just passing on a bank account or house, it is sharing all the memories that have been created with those beneficiaries and loved ones over the course of a lifetime. Our family album and genealogy trees allow families to pass on these memories from generation to generation permanently preserved.

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